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About slx.dk

Short Linx is a Private Project based on the idea behind TinyURL.com, bit.ly, korturl.dk and similar projects.

The Idea behind Short Linx is not to compete with TinyURL, Bit.ly, Korturl and similar sites. I cannot afford it nor do I have the time, capacity or desire to do so. Often have I been in need of functionaly on these sites that did't exist and I will try to incorporate that here.

This Site offers

  • Fast creation of short Internet Addresses or Information (i.e. notes, phone numbers, to-do lists)
  • Editing your links by creating a Free User Account
  • Ability to delete your links and notes
  • Password protection of your links and Notes
  • Optional expiration so your links and Notes will only be available for a limited time

As this is a Private Project, and with quite a number of free and very good sites available, there will be no charge for using this site. If you like the site and find it useful, you are more than welcome to donate so I can cover the costs of electricity bills for having the Server up and running 24/7.

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